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Why Vitamin C is Important

Taking vitamin C supplements, eating or drinking foods containing vitamin C, or using beauty and wellness products with vitamin C provides the body with an essential nutrient. Humans cannot produce our own vitamin C, yet the body needs it to function. With many healing, anti-aging, and cosmetic benefits, vitamin C is helpful throughout the body, from the surface layer of our skin to deep inside our cellular structure.

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Why the Type of Vitamin C Matters

Only PureWay C® has Unique Advantages

Clinical Trials

The safety and effectiveness of PureWay C® have been demonstrated in clinical trials.

Has a
Higher Retention Rate

This means your body takes in much more vitamin C
with PureWay C®.

Side Effects

Clinical trial users saw none of the adverse side effects typical of large dose vitamin C.

The kind of vitamin C you take matters because not all vitamin Cs are the same. Many supplements contain large doses of vitamin C in the hopes the body absorbs a fraction of it before it ends up passing through the body as waste.

Problem is, large doses typically cause extremely unpleasant adverse side effects, including nausea, heartburn, epigastric pain, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. But  PureWay C® is made in a completely new way so it’s safe on the stomach and isn’t associated with any side effects.

WITH  PureWay C®

What Makes  PureWay C®  So Different

Formulation Innovation that Works Naturally

Vitamin C that Works
with the Body’s Chemistry

When we take vitamin C, to reap its benefits, we need our bodies to take an extra step: absorbing vitamin C’s nutrients. To improve absorption,  PureWay C® does something unique; it leverages a proprietary fatty acid complex and blends with in fatty acids. A naturally occurring substances, fatty acids are easily recognized by our cells, which allows more vitamin C to be absorbed inside the body.

Vitamin C with a Natural Defensive Shield

Once inside the body, vitamin C is up against another threat to absorption: a breakdown due to oxidation. To keep its essential nutrients intact,  PureWay C® is made with citrus bioflavonoids — which also booster its effectiveness.

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Where to Buy  PureWay C®

Recognized for its superior absorption qualities, PureWay C®  is being used by the makers of more and more products every day. You’ll find it as a supplement and inside drinks, foods, products for athletic performance, and cosmetic products sold at trusted retailers around the globe.  

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Best quality and value!

I was taking ester-c for over a year before running across this vitamin C supplement. I have to say PureWay is equal if not better than any other vitamin C supplement on the market today, except maybe whole food vitamin C supplements. I am sold on this one!!!

- Swanson Vitamin Customer

That this form of C is much better than others.

I love that this kind of Vitamin C stays with you longer than other C vitamins. It adheres to fat lipids and will stay in your system longer to strengthen your immunity.

- Christianne S.

Love this product.

Does not bother my stomach. I take this a
couple times a day, it's perfect. Tis the season for extra vitamin C
and the bioflavonoids are a bonus!

- Laure B

Love PureWay-C

I love this stuff. I have been taking it for a good 10 years or more. I appreciate that it is fat soluble rather than the typical water soluble form - stays in the body longer. I have recommended it to many of my friends and family.

- Erik R.

The Very Best in My Professional Opinion

I've been in the nutritional supplement industry for over 25 years. During this time, I've seen / used / sold numerous "enhanced vitamin C" products. And, of all of these products, I have found "PureWay-C" to be the most effective. Thanks to the lipid- (fat) soluble metabolites, this vitamin C is taken into you cells faster, and retained in your body longer. The end result is your body benefits from this vitamin C better than other vitamin C supplements. Why is this? Virtually all other vitamin C supplements are water-soluble, and are eliminated from your body faster, resulting in less benefits to your health.

- Wayne W.

It helps my prostate

"I think this is definitely helps my prostate. When I take this product in the early afternoon and late evening my prostate always feel normal. If I don't take it then after some days I can feel a little inflammation. When I resume taking it the prostate feels normal again. I've done this test on multiple occasions. Also, it's probably doing a lot of good in other ways that I'm not really aware of, like with my cardiovascular health and connective tissues. However, the prostate support is the most tangible thing that I can point out. For me, that's reason enough to keep taking it."

- RC

This Sicky No Longer Gets Sick

"This Vitamin C is of super high quality, as are all Doctor's Best products. I was taking a lot of different things for my immune system, which were working; however, I would still get a cold or sinus infection at least twice a year during the winter and early spring. Since I have added this vitamin C product into my regimen (for the last 10 months or so), I have not gotten since ONCE. And that says something because my WHOLE office got sick multiple times and I was pregnant during 9 months of that time and therefore more susceptible. I now simply can't live without this amazing supplement."

- californiakern

Highest Quality Vitamin C

"Emerald labs sources the highest quality ingredients and PureWayC is by far the highest quality vitamin c on the market! Amazing immunity boosting product!"

- Matthew F.

Good Quality Vitamin C

"This Vitamin C has a good taste and fulfills my daily need for Vitamin C. I was told Pure-way-C was the best formula and it's working good for me."

- Emagine

Best Vitamin C on the Market

"The best Vitamin C on the market! They use PureWayC which is absorbed in the body much better than all other Vitamin C’s. Haven’t gotten sick in years and I take this daily.”

- Matthew F.

1000 mg Vitamin C that is actually absorbed and retained!

I really like this product for those wanting a usable high dose (1000 mg) of vitamin C. Large dose vitamin C is useless if your body cannot absorb and retain it. This product is focused on not only providing you with 1000mg of vitamin C, but also making sure that your bloodstream and cells can absorb and retain it for over 24 hours (as clinically tested). While obviously difficult for consumers to verify, it is nice to see that this company recognizes the need to absorb & retain this high dosage in order for it to be useful and they have take steps to improve absorption and retention. They also add plant lipids to avoid issues stomach irritation from the ascorbic acid (source of the vitamin C) Looking forward to using this as an immunity booster this winter during cold and flu season (in additional to the ever-present COVID-19 virus). 60 capsules which is a 60 day supply at recommended 1 tablet per day. They are moderately large tablets (not capsules) so beware if you have issues swallowing tablets. Expiration date is 33 months (almost 3 years) away so no worries about product expiring on me.

- CarGuy_SB